A disclaimer is a legally binding statement, usually found at the foot of every page on a website, which helps to limit any liabilities that might result from the contents of the website. Websites are designed to offer information to a targeted audience who has requested it or who has stumbled across it on a search engine such as Google.


The information may be a product description, a sales pitch, a review or an ad that is placed in the response to a particular search. If this information is not explicitly provided by the website owner, it is the duty of the website’s webmaster to provide this and it is in his best interest to do so on his own behalf.

It is very important to make a disclaimer for your website, which should clearly state that no warranty or guarantees are made with regard to the website’s content, products or services.

A disclaimer also acts as a warning to the visitors to your website that if they are unsatisfied with your website’s content, they will need to leave the website and return to the home page in order to leave comments or send complaints to you via the contact form on your website.

A disclaimer also allows users of your website to know what the content of the website is and what the implications are if they do not like it. In some cases, it may be necessary to include a disclaimer in order to protect a website against legal liability.

While this disclaimer may be on the bottom of each page, other websites will have it on their website and it is always recommended that the disclaimer is placed on the main page of the website so that people can see the information more easily and without having to scroll down.